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The legend of the Mas-d'Azil cave

The interior | Vassil / Public domain
Natural cavity Prehistoric site Legend Le Mas-d'Azil caves

In the cave, we can see the ″Queen’s gorge″, the gourgo Regino.

The tradition says fiancés went here before their wedding, to fill a jug with water.

Then they sprinkled their new house with this water to bring good luck.

But a woman’s face had to appear among the steam water. If they saw her, the couple had the benediction and could happily go back home.

But who was this lady? She was called Aymigue, Aimée (″Beloved″). A pretty young lady, a king's daughter, long time ago.

One day, she get engaged with a young noble man from Spain. He had to make the long travel to meet her.

She waited, waited… but soon lost her patience. She burnt with desire to see his face.

So, she decided to leave her castle one night, with domestics, to meet her fiancé.

She had to cross the cave, and wait for him on the other side. But suddenly a storm raised and the wind blew all the torches!

They were in the dark… Panic-stricken, the princess lost herself and found herself near a chasm…

She walked few steps… groped the darkness… and finally fell in the water.

People never saw her again. Her face came haunting the cave, a precious good omen of happiness for fiancés.

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