The legendary origin of Tristan island

The island from TréboulThe island from Tréboul | ©El Funcionario / CC-BY-SA

Horse’s ears

Douarn enez means ″island land’ in Breton. Which island? Tristan island!

Its name probably comes from Tristan, famous king March’s nephew.

The tradition says the legend of king March, Yseut’s handsome lover, took place in this island!

This legend deals with March’s terrible secret. He had… horse’s ears on his head and a long, long mane instead of hairs.

He killed his barbers, for fear that they revealed the secret. But one day, one of them convinced March to reprieve him, and swore he would keep the secret.

March spared him...

A heavy secret

But, poor barber! He could not keep this heavy secret!

So, one day, he murmured it on a beach, in a hole he dug in the sand. He repeat it three times.

And at this exact place, three reeds grew. A bard then cut them and used them to make an oboe.

Invited by king March in his castle, for a party, he started to play and suddenly… surprise!

Those words came from the oboe: ″King March has horse’s ears and a mane...″ Three times.

Absolutely furious, humiliated, March ran away in England and disappeared for ever...