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The legends of Coussac-Bonneval castle

A lion in the castle | Emmenngee / CC-BY-SA
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The Devil in Bonneval !

1227. A terrible earthquake did big damages on the keep.

Lady of Bonneval, Anne de Lestrange, didn’t know what to do: her husband Richard had left to wage war.

But just after the earthquake, a man knocked at Bonneval’s door. A handsome knight.

He said he needed a bedroom for the night, so Anne hosted him for diner. Anne’s daughter was here too.

Completely seduced by the young damsel, the stranger suggested something to Anne, the next morning: he wanted to re-raise the keep.

In one night, only. On one condition… she had to give him her daughter’s hand. Anne accepted...

And to inaugurate the keep, Anne called the priest, to bless the brand new tower with holy water.

But the knight flew away in a smoke of sulphur, yelling, angry… Let this be known: the Devil re-raised Bonneval keep!

Bonneval’s lion

Aaah, one more legend… This one is about Guillaume de Bonneval, a cruel and violent lord. He was excommunicated in 1147.

One day, he hosted bishop of Limoges to a little party in his castle… the bishop who excommunicated him!

Did he forgive him? The bishop was getting ready to have a good feast, but Guillaume brought a big cage in the castle’s courtyard… full of lions!

He unleashed them among the guests. Everyone ran away, screaming!

Except the bishop, who stayed impassive. The big lions moved closer, creeping stealthily, their mouth wide open.

The bishop calmed them down with a single word!

Lions became cute harmless kitten… That is why outside the castle, we can see statues of lions.

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