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The lovesick she-goat of Paris Pont Saint-Michel

The bridge in the 17th c | The British Library / Public domain
Animals Bridge Pont Saint-Michel in Paris

It was the French chronicler Pierre de l’Estoile who told about this history in his Journal: it took place on the Saint-Michel bridge, in 1593...

An Italian man fell madly in love with the wife of a cobbler who lived at the end of the bridge.

The lady noticed his little game and his infatuated winks... but she didn’t care!

Time flew. The Italian was fed up. No, in fact, he was desperate! But... he was a magician, you know.

So, he decided to use magic: with a spell, the lady would fall in love with him!

He needed for that 3 drops of her milk, for a so-called eye disease. He paid 10 crowns for it. And he'd bewitch the milk, so she’d fall in love with him.

The lady was suspicious, of course! So she sent him the milk... her she-goat’s milk!

The Italian was happy when he received it. Whoosh, he cast his spell on it. Hey... but wait. It was the goat who fell in love!

She became totally crazy, jumped everywhere, broke her rope and rushed on the bridge to see the Italian.

And she licked him with passion, little licks like real kisses...

The end of the story? The goat finally died a natural death.

What about our Italian? He had to run away because people wanted to burn him...

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