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The macaroon from Nancy, a legend and two inseparable sisters

Macaroons from Nancy | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

Egg whites, sugar and Provence's almonds: this round cake comes from Nancy, Lorraine.

The little history

Nancy's nuns from convent of the Saint-Sacrement created the recipe: the legend says it was the monastery founder, Catherine de Lorraine-Vaudémont, who created it in the 16th century.

The lady had a pretty fragile stomach and only digested beaten eggs. This little cake saved her life!

But the official story says macaroons were born at the end of the 18th century. In 1792, they closed the convent and sisters were expelled.

Two former convent sisters, Suzanne Gaillot and Elisabeth Morlot, decided to make macaroons... The success was immediate!

People started to call the two friends the "macaroons sisters"!

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