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The mysterious written stone of Saint-Geniez

The stone | Rossignol Benoît / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman Rock Mystery Written Stone

City of Gods

Just before the place known as Chadavron is the pierre écrite (″the written stone″), from 5th century.

This stone evokes the former city of Théopolis, ″the city of Gods″! A dead town, and we don’t know its exact location.

We have 20 lines, written in memory of the Gaul prefect Claudius Postumus Dardanus and his wife Neva Gallia, in 410.

Those two souls raised the city. Dardanus was an important chap, maybe the most important man after Roman emperor!

The Latin text says:

″Claudius Postumus Dardanus, former consul of Vienne’s province, former quaestor, former Gaul’s prefect and Naevia Galla, his wife, mother of his children, dug a road in a place known as Théopolis, in the mountain, and raised walls and doors: this construction was made on their own estate, in order to protect all the inhabitants. Remember their zeal.″

So, Dardanus raised his little estate, a real paradise surrounded by high walls.

But Théopolis wasn’t a common Roman city...

The Théopolis’ mystery

So, where's Théopolis? We don’t know. Maybe it was on the current rock of Dromont?

After all, they found a Roman stronghold next to it… or in the current village of Theous, in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, where we can find chapel of Dromont?

The book A la découverte de la France mystérieuse says that, maybe, monks used ruins of Théopolis to raise their own churches.

For Roger Corréard, retired from the French Navy (he tried to discover Théopolis’ mystery), it’s a very secret place, a place where people buried a forgotten knowledge about Jesus, his wedding, his descendants and several other secrets…

In March 1972, police’s reports and witnesses said they saw strange lights in the sky…

In short, people fantasized on Théopolis! Some said we could find here Nibelungen’s treasure, UFO, Templars’ treasure, a gate between two worlds… a real mystery!

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