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The Négus, a flavour from Ethiopia in Nevers

Négus | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

This shiny candy was created in 1902 by confectioner Grelier, to celebrate the arrival of Ethiopia’s king, the Négus, in Nevers!

This sweet is made with a thin shell of cooked sugar with a mellow caramel heart.

The Négus is flavoured with caramel or chocolate (this one is the Abyssin).

The little history

The Négus is an Ethiopian nobility title. The one who came in Nevers was Menelik II, heir of queen of Saba and king Solomon!

He came in France for the Universal Exhibition in 1900... and also to inaugurate the railway linking Djibouti to Harrar, where France had colonies.

What about Abyssinia? It’s Ethiopia's former name!

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