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The papaline from Avignon and its herbs from mont Ventoux

Papaline | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

A sweet in memory of the popes from Avignon (pape in French means ″pope″), like the eggplants’ papeton.

A little pink ball, looking like another French sweet, the thistle from Lorraine.

But here, under the two thin chocolate coats, we have a heart full of an oregano liquor...

The little history

A speciality created in 1960 by several pastry-cooks from Vaucluse, who wanted to create a specialty, a kind of emblem for their city of Avignon.

Indeed, this sweet is made with a local liquor, with herbs from the Mont Ventoux!

The famous liqueur du Comtat (″Comtat’s liquor″) is full of 60 plants from the Mont Ventoux: absinthe, rosemary, thyme, wild thyme, sage, and so many others!

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