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The park of La Pépinière, from vegetable plot to ponies

The pavilion | Pierre-Selim / CC-BY-SA
Garden Stanislas Leszczynski La Pépinière park

A foundation made by Stanislas, king of Poland and duke of Lorraine! Originally, the Pépinière ("tree nursery") was a simple trees plant.

They planted trees (elm, limes, beeches): the place became a nice public walk!

Next to it was the Royal square, current Stanislas square. Bottom of those gardens, they even laid out a manege in 1770, for young noblemen...

The current nursery trees dates back to 1835, when the city transformed it into a public park with formal gardens.

They raised a nice little bandstand, statues (Claude Gelée’s one by Rodin and Charles Sellier’s one by Finot), a zoo with ponys, she-goats, sheeps!

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