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The picantin from Compiègne... rang bells

The picantin | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

Picantin is a recipe made of chocolate, from Compiègne (Oise).

A city chocolate-maker created this sweet in 1920, to celebrate the city three bell-strikers, at the top of the belfry: roasted nuts delicately coated with chocolate and nougatine.

The little history

Here we are in front of Compiègne city hall.

Do you see these 3 bearded men, on the belfry's roof, wearing feathered hats? Picantins!

Those ones probably represented France’s three main enemies: Germany, England and Spain...

In 1875, current Picantins were displayed, wearing soldiers armours: they stroke quarter and half of an hour with their hammer.

Their name probably come from pique en temps.

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