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The Plantagenet in Chinon castle: death and mystery

The castle and the Clock tower | Jean-Christophe BENOIST / CC-BY-SA
Castle of the Loire Valley Castle Treasure Richard Lionheart Chinon castle

The Lion’s treasure

Future king of England Henri Plantagenet owned several fiefs thanks to his wedding with Eleanor of Aquitaine. Including Chinon !

Henri re-fortified the castle and raised the Mill's tower (tour du Moulin) and the Treasure tower (tour du Trésor).

Chinon was Henri II’s favorite estate. He even died here in July 7th 1189, after he learned about his sons’ treason, John the Lackland and Richard Lionheart.

His men let him there, a cold cadaver, naked on a table. One of them finally put his coat on Henri’s body…

Besides, the tradition says before he died, Henri hid a fabulous treasure somewhere in the castle…

Mysterious death

As for Richard Lionhert, well… we don’t know exactly where he died!

But historians think it was in Chinon… It took place in April 6th 1199.

Richard was dying from injuries he get during the battle of Châlus. He didn’t die in the fortress of Chinon, but in a little inn (hôtel du Lion Vert, ″Green Lion inn″), located at number 44 of the rue Voltaire...

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