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The retable of the Passion, a little gem in Ambierle

Ambierle retable | D Villafruela / CC-BY-SA
Priory Benedictine Ambierle priory

You know what? Ambierle owns a treasure! A Flemish retable, given by Michel de Chaugy (duke of Burgundy Philip the Good’s chamberlain) in 1476.

It has 3 wooden panels sculpted in the round, recovered by 6 painted panels, on both sides.

Of course, they represented the donors: Michel de Chaugy and his wife Laurette de Jaucourt.

Left, Michel’s father, Jean, and his wife Guillemette de Montagu. Two angels hold their coat of arms.

We have scenes with Judas betrayal and the Thorn crown. Then, Jesus on the cross, Entombment and the Resurrection.

But the retable was abandoned for a long time, burnt by candles, left on a wet place... In the 19th century, they decided to restore it, in the Louvre museum, in Paris.

But inhabitants were opposed to this! Their retable had to stay here... An artist from Lyon, Odier, finally restored it... The nice church also houses stained-glass windows from the 15th century, made between 1470 and 1485.

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