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The Romanesque capitals of Saint-Pierre in Chauvigny

The Devil | Martpan / CC-BY-SA
Collegiate church Saint-Pierre church in Chauvigny

Raised in the 12th century, the Romanesque church was the church of a chapter founded in the 9th century by barons of Chauvigny.

A chapter annulled later, before Protestants led by admiral de Coligny plundered it in 1569. Organs, bells, archives and furniture disappeared at that time.

Our church is Latin cross shape with 3 naves, transepts, an apse flanked by apsidioles and a choir.

Oh, look at these... 12th century capitals, painted in the middle of the 19th century. With the signature of the sculptor, as a bonus! We can read: GOFRIDUS ME FECIT ("Gofridus made them").

On these capitals, we can see an angel (GABRIEL ANGELUS: DIXIT GLORIA In EXCELSIS), a man sitting (BABYLONIA DESERTA), or the Lady Day with the word MARIA.

The bell-tower dates back to the 13th century, with its 3 floors with semi-circular windows.

Abandoned during the Revolution, the church was restored between 1849 and 1850. The organ is pretty modern... the former one was destroyed in the 16th century!

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