The sinister red inn of Peyrebeille

The innThe inn | ©Marianne Casamance / CC-BY-SA

Blood on walls!

The place is perfectly sinister. Dreary. Terrible!

Do you know it was nicknamed the ″death trap″, the ″gory inn″?

Because here, in the 19th century, the inn-keepers murdered their customers…

Scary place...

The visit

• The kitchen, with the big table, the fireplace and its good cooking smells.

• Then, the dining room, so dark. Imagine the victims’ last supper… brr! Then, they went to bed, unaware of the danger… Come on, let’s climb the staircase… In those stairs, we can see the recess where stood Rochette, the domestic, who stunned customers…

• We visit one of the small bedroom the inn-keepers gave to their victims. Then they killed and robbed them. Big wooden furniture. Thick walls. Tiny windows. A real heavy atmosphere, here!

• Finally, the oven where the couple burnt corpses… to remove proofs… and they cooked a stew with last remains for other customers, says the tradition!