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The small Gallo-Roman city among Carnutes and Senons

The vicus | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Gallo-Roman Pithiviers-le-Vieil Gallo-Roman vicus

Pithiviers le Vieil's site brings us back to immemorial times! Here, between two houses, there's a vicus, a Latin word gives to a small Gallo-roman city.

Human being settled in here very early. We counted here 8 Gallic temples, called fana, located along antic roads linking Orléans to Reims and Sens to Le Mans.

We also discovered here a vast thermae site next to the sanctuary: indeed, it was a very important place! The vicus was rebuilt when Romans came here, with paved and perpendicular streets, gutters, and inner courtyards.

This vicus was located on the frontier with Carnutes and Senons area. Oh! What's this? Carnutes were old Celtic people who used to live in Loiret, Eure-et-Loir and Loir-et-Cher.

Sénons were Gallic people who lived close to Carnutes area: they were only separated by the Orléans' forest...

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