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The Téméraire, a cake from Jura... dedicated to a duke

The Téméraire | Groms78 / CC-BY-SA
Speciality Charles the Bold

What’s this?

A real winter cake! Just taste it with a cup of hot chocolate, by the fireside...

Made with apples, nuts and raisins, we find it in its native city, Salins-les-Bains (Jura).

Its name comes from Charles le Téméraire ("the Bold"), duke of Burgundy, who came in Salins in 1476.

The little history


Salins owns its name from the salt-pans exploited since the Roman era: the city was known as Pons Ariarica, at that time.

In the 6th century, Burgondes raised a fortress and a city was founded.

Then Hungarians invaded the area! They entirely plundered the town. Fortunately, a lord called Albéric d’Argonne re-raised it in the middle of the 10th century.

King of France Philip the Tall ruled over Salins in 1306, which fell then to dukes of Burgundy with marriage of Jeanne, Philip’s daughter.

Salins was prosperous, with dukes! Until Philip the Bold started a fierce war against his enemy, king of France Louis XI...

The bold duke

Charles deserved his name, Téméraire meaning "bold", "foolhardy" or "rash". He also was nicknamed the Terrible, the Warrior, the Victorious!

And yet, he had dark and harsh eyes, a suntanned skin, and he was used to endure starving and tiredness.

He also loved conquests. His dream? To create a vast kingdom in Eastern France, composed of Burgundy, Alsace, Lorraine, even Holland! He dreamt about greatness...

But he had to struggle against king of France Louis XI, who impeded his progress.

Charles nearly succeeded in reaching his dream, he didn’t want to fail now! But all these wars weakened his armies.

In Grandson (Switzerland), Burgundian's troops were defeated by the Switz on March 2th 1476. Come on, pull yourself together!

With a brand new army, Charles decided to defeat them in Morat. But 10 000 soldiers died...

Vanquished, Charles gathered the County States in Salins in 1476, in order to find money to raise a new army. He died one cold day of winter 1477, in front of Nancy city...

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