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The tragic death of the chevalier de Pontblanc in Lannion

The plaque | Michel Lefrancq / CC-BY-SA
War of the Breton Succession Tragic destiny House Pontblanc's commemorative plaque

In Lannion, we have a Geoffroy de Pontblanc's street. We find a granite cross built in the wall, with the date "1346" and a plaque saying:

Ici succomba héroïquement en défendant la ville de Lannion contre les Anglais le sire GEOFFROY DE PONTBLANC, chevalier, which means: "Here heroically died sir Geoffroy de Pontblanc, who defended Lannion city against the English."

We were in 1346. At that time, Jean de Montfort and Charles de Blois launched a merciless battle, the war for Breton Succession, to elect the new duke of Brittany.

In Lannion, people supported Charles, king of France’s nephew Philip VI. Montfort was supported by the English, whose camp was in Roche-Derrien city.

One night, those one decided to besiege Lannion. Quietly, they entered the city walls by the rue de Tréguier. They started to plunder houses, to attack people.

Alerted by the racket, a knight sleeping in his house woke up and listened. His name was Geoffroy de Pontblanc, a noble knight from Plouaret.

He took his sword and went in the street, half naked! He started to drive back the English. He struggled! He ran his weapon through the enemies! His sword broke... but he drew his knife and went the battle on!

But he was driven back against a house’s wall... Aaah, his fury grew stronger! He continued the battle, but... Geoffroy didn’t wear his armour...

Suddenly, an archer wounded him! He fell... he breathed his last one...

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