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The wooden pannelings of Moutier-d'Ahun church

The wooden decoration | MOSSOT / CC-BY-SA
Abbot church Notre-Dame church in Moutier-d'Ahun

Moutier is the gallicize name of monasterium, “monastery”... Because here, we found an abbey! The current church dates back to the middle of the 12th century: you’ll find it after the nice portal.

Our abbot church suffered a lot... Destroyed by the English during Hundred Years War, burnt by governor Foucault de Saint-Germain, who was sent by king Henri IV to expel Protestants who hid here during wars of Religion... you can imagine the scene! Monks, when they came back after wars, found a piece of ruin.

Never mind, they reraised their church in the 17th century, and gave it beautiful panelling, made by sculptor from Auvergne Simon Bauer, in 1673. The choir was literally decorated with those masterpieces, like this retable: on its columns, little birds, snails and snakes hiding between bunches of grapes. Little angels, too, of course! We also have 26 stalls and a magnificent lectern.

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