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The yummy lichou from Sancerre

The lichou | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

A lichounerie, in Berry patois, is a delicacy. A yummy delicacy!

This mellow cake is made with sugar, almond, flour, eggs, butter and candied fruits...

Oh, I also taste angelica and strawberry, what about you? A perfect sweet for tea time...

The little history

Once upon a time a baker, Emile Ragu, who owned Edouard Bonnin-Dion's cake shop in 1928.

Located on a quiet little square near the church, the small shop was busy!

Emile created a delicious cake... quick, quick, he applied for a patent in 1933... and the lichou became the city's speciality!

Nowadays, Emorine mother company makes the lichou.

About the the author

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