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This street in Orléans looks like place des Vosges in Paris

The street | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Street District Rue d'Escures

In 1704, according to the city's maps, the street was called rue Saint-Pierre or Grande rue Saint-Pierre or also rue de l'Etape aux Vins and rue des Cordeliers.

But it was also called rue d'Escures (also known as rue des Cures). This d'Escures name comes from Pierre Fougeu, lord of Escures and from Pontil, Orléans mayor from 1613 to 1616.

In 1600, he raised the 4 brick and stone houses (you can see it at numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8).

Mhh, strange thing... did you notice something? These buildings look like place des Vosges, in Paris...

Pierre Fougeu knew the Parisian square, he had his own house! Paris inspired him...

Anyway, the 4 main bodies form a perfectly symmetrical group, made of detached houses which have each a common study, sometimes right, sometimes left...

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