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Too young to die on the guillotine? Well, we'll see that...

The big canal | Claude villetaneuse / CC-BY-SA
Castle French Revolution Tragic destiny Troissereux castle

In 1745, Pierre-Daniel Bourrée de Corberon, president in the Parisian Parliament came in! He laid out the vast park, diverted the nearby river in order to get water for his fountains... 20 years later, his eldest son recreated the inner Neogothic decoration. But a very sinister fate awaited for them... The father, the grandson, the grandfather, eek, were sent to the guillotine... accused of "being citizens’ enemies, plotting against the liberty”! Pierre-Daniel, 80 years old, was executed on April 1794. His son Marie-Daniel died the same year, then the grandson, Armand, 16 years old. You know what? In front of the revolutionary court, he shouted: “But I’m only 16!” Judges suddenly realized, and said to the clerk of the court: “OK, you’re too young to die like that… well, clerk, just write on the paper he was 18!”

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