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Toul and Joan of Arc's fiancé affair

The parvis' plaque | Havang(nl) / CC0
Cathedral Trial Joan of Arc Saint-Etienne cathedral in Toul

One wedding for our Maid

Since we’re in Lorraine, let’s talk about Joan of Arc. Hey, what’s the link with Saint-Etienne cathedral in Toul? Her fiancé brought her before a court!

Look: a plaque put on the cathedral’s parvis in 1930 echoes this event. They wanted to marry the famous maid of Orleans… well, she didn't want to, of course!

So, this fiancé brought her before the court in Toul, in 1428.

A young man from her native village of Domrémy (we don’t know his name) said she asked him to marry. Joan said it wasn’t true, he persisted, so there was a trial.

Joan went to the official (a religious court) of Toul to solve the problem and succeeded in exonerating herself: they finally recognized her “free from all links”… phew!

Drown her!

But, strangely, Joan’s parents supported the young fiancé… pretty weird, isn’t it?

Jacques of Arc and his wife were worried for their daughter Joan: she heard voices, saw things in dreams, and she said she had to go for a special mission!

But her parents wanted to keep Joan with them in Lorraine. How? By marrying her?

That’s possible, her father even said to his other children: “If one day Joan leave the house, I would say to you: drown her. If you don’t want to obey, I’d drown her myself.”

Lack of chance, the marriage attempt failed. So, the Maid was free again: she could gallop towards Chinon, to see her Dauphin and ran towards her fate…

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