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Treasures in Saint-Pierre cathedral in Saint-Claude

Detail of a stall | Jacques CHAZARD / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Saint-Pierre cathedral in Saint-Claude

The city used to have a monastery... founded by 2 brothers, saint Romain and saint Lupicin, in the 5th century. The abbey extended and was dedicated to Saint-Oyant. In the 7th century, saint Claude became abbot; he gave his name to the city and its abbey! But what about the cathedral?

Saint Romain probably raised a primitive oratory on the foundation of the current church, many times rebuilt and extended. The building site began in the 14th century, and ended in 1726. Besides, if you look at the bottom of the cathedral, you will see watchtowers crowned by spires: those are the old medieval church’s vestiges, a church which was fortified!

The Classical façade dates back to the 18th century. Unfortunately, a terrible fire, in 1983, destroyed several treasures, such as the beautiful stalls (15th century)... We had 50 of them. But fortunately, they redone it identically! We also can see other treasures... come here with me!

This nice Renaissance retable, representing saint Laurent's martyr: the panel in the middle shows bishop of Geneva and Saint-Claude abbot, Pierre de Baume, blessing saint Pierre. The altar houses saint Claude’s relics (especially the forearm, the other parts were destroyed during the Revolution). People came in a body to see those relics, ordinary folks, princes, emperors, kings and dukes from all Europe!

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