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Unique! The curious lantern houses in Morlaix

The interior | Thesupermat / CC-BY-SA
Half-timbered House Morlaix lantern houses

Unique houses

These houses are really unique! In Morlaix, we have 10 of them, raised between the 15th and the 18th century, on the same model.

We can visit Duchess Ann house and the "Lantern house"!

This one dates back to the 16th century, it’s a typical building belonging to a rich linen merchant or a ships owner.

They are made of wood, except the ground-floor made of granite.

A lantern??

A lantern is a kind of inner courtyard with a roof.

A courtyard surrounds by rooms leading to a staircase: a staircase completely made of oak wood, with a 11 metres high central pillar!

Home sweet home

Galleries lead to rooms, on 3 floors, known as pond alez in Breton, "alleys bridges".

Those rooms are very narrow and very high, each one with a huge granite chimney.

A nice outside decoration

Outside, the rich owner had to flaunt his wealth on his façade!

So, the decoration is pretty elaborate: here, we notice saints’ statues.

  • saint Hélory, lawyers’ patron saint.
  • sainte Barbe with a tower in her hand (she was locked in a tower).
  • sainte Catherine of Alexandria, a sword in her hand.
  • saint Jacques, wearing a pilgrim's suit with a shell.
  • We also have a jester with his donkey ears and other non-initiate characters...

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