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Vaugirard slaughterhouse transformed into a public garden

The garden | Charluber / CC-BY-SA
Garden Vaugirard former slaughterhouse

Former Abattoirs ("slaughterhouses") were replaced by park Georges-Brassens, laid out between 1977 and 1985.

But we still find vestiges of this former slaughterhouse: the bell-tower, the two detached houses and the horses market...

Until the beginning of the 19th century, we had vineyards here, then vegetable plots. But at the end of the 19th century, slaughterhouses moved here!

They were created in order to replace Grenelle’s one.

Architect Moreau fit out buildings, in 1894: we had several houses built around a vast main courtyard, but also stables, sheepfolds, big barns: more than 25 000 square metres!

In 1976, abattoirs were closed. 2 years later, the 9 hectares garden was born, but we can still find (bloody) vestiges of this former activity... come on, follow me!

Here, we have two bulls statues at the entrance, made by Isidore Bonheur (famous painter Rosa’s brother), who also designed statue of the racing horse Gladiator...

Next to these bulls, we have two detached houses which were the janitor’s house.

And if you follow rue Brancion, you’ll see the former horses market... nowadays, there’s a nice old books market instead!

Oh, in the middle of the garden, look at this strange tower! Inside, auction sales used to take place!

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