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Venus, Apollo and Mercury meet in Saint-Martin church

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Parish church Saint-Martin church in Lacs

The church

A lovely Romanesque church with its tower-bell (14th c.), with nice caramel stone…

Venus, Apollo and Mercury

The church has a pretty strange chevet. Come here!

3 semi-circular windows, curious modillions with animals’ heads… very Romanesque!

But look closer… did you see these 3 carved stones?

3 Gallo-Roman stones representing Apollo, Mercury and Venus… Eccentric, isn’t it?

The current church was probably raised upon an old Gallo-Roman temple…

So maybe stones from that temple were used when they raised the current Romanesque church.

We recognize gods standing near a kind of pedestal.

The most legible is the low-relief with Mercury: we still can see his silhouette and his left hand on a caduceus.

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