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What happened to king Louis XI in Carrouges castle

King Louis XI's bedroom | Romain Bréget / CC-BY-SA
Castle Accident Louis XI Carrouges castle

Raised in the 14th century and altered in the 17th and 18th centuries, the castle looks like an austere fortress surrounds by ditches.

And yet, in the courtyard, the brick and the granite on the façade seem more pleasant: this blend of Renaissance and Classical styles does not shock at all!

Carrouges was passed on by marriage since the 12th century: that's why we find those beautiful apartments, with period furniture!

Did you know king Louis XI slept in Carrouges one night, in 1473? He was on his way to the Mont-Saint-Michel.

The legend says a big stone fell from the roof, few centimetres from his head... Oh my gosh! An assassination attempt? No!

Just a courtesan, curious, who get up on the mansard roof: in her hurry, she bumped into the stone... By the way, we still visit Louis XI's bedroom!

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