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What's inside Saint-Eutrope crypt?

The crypt | Jebulon / CC-BY-SA
Basilica Relic Crypt Saint-Eutrope basilica in Saintes

Listed as a World Heritage site, the basilica has the biggest crypt in Europe!

Eutrope was the first bishop of Saintes; saint Palais founded this church in the 6th century in order to put Eutrope's relics.

Destroyed by Normans in the 9th century then rebuilt by count of Poitou Guy-Geoffroy-Guillaume and by abbot of Cluny, Hugues, in 1080.

In the crypt, Eutrope's relics... A real treasure, kept by monks.

The basilica was a stop for pilgrims who went to Compostela, so the church was raised in order to welcome them. The bell-tower was finished with inhabitants' money, in 1478!

Protestants damaged the basilica during wars of Religion in 1568. In the beginning of the 17th century, it was restored.

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