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When Lamartine had a crush on Nina, his best friend's wife

Lamartine | Public domain
Castle Alphonse de Lamartine Pierreclos castle

Guillaume de Pierreclos, Jean-Baptiste’s son, often welcomed poet Lamartine in his castle, his close friend.

Well, the poet seduced his wife, the pretty Nina de Pierreclos! Daughter of the lord of Cormatin castle…

Anne-Joséphine, nicknamed Nina, “famous by her beauty and her talents in the whole country”: she also was Jacqueline-Marguerite’s sister-in-law.

The pretty Nina had a son, Léon, who died at the age of 26 of tuberculosis.

Hey, was he Lamartine’s illegitimate son? Well, nooooo, of course… but Alphonse raised him as his own son.

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