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When Nostradamus turned up in l'Empéri castle...

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Do you know the famous Michel de Nostre-Dame, aka Nostradamus, lived in Salon? In 1536, he hosted the king of France Charles IX and his mum Catherine of Medici, in one of the castle’s room…

The queen asked him the horoscope of her 3 sons, and Michel said they would be kings one day… because of that, he became famous!

And the forecast was true, besides! Since François II, Charles IX and Henri III were kings of France.

At stake, you sorcerer!

Here we go again, in 1559! The upper crust turned up in l’Empéri. Who?? Emmanuel-Philibert, duke of Savoie with his wife Marguerite (king Henri II’s sister).

Of course, they wanted Nostradamus to be here. Michel accepted and especially wrote a motto for the lady: Sanguine trojano, trajana stirpe creata etregina Cypri, which means ″Born in a royal family, queen of Cyprus and pretty as Venus.″

You flatterer! But during this visit, people from Salon insulted Michel once again, accusing him of sorcery… and finally they burnt his effigy on Salon’s main square!

Gold and velvet

In 1564, Catherine and Charles turned up in Salon again. All the inhabitants rushed towards the king, wearing purple clothes, riding a Barb horse harnessed with golden and black velvet.

But he stopped them. He said: ″I came in Provence to see one man. ONE. Nostradamus.″ The crowd calmed down and Michel appeared.

He saw the king, and shouted in Latin: Vir magnus bello, nulli pietate secundus, which means: ″What a man! Brave at war, ruthless!″

Charles was pretty flattered. Well done, Michel! And this one cursed the crowd, those bloody people from Salon who didn’t like him: ″You see, you silly fool...″

César Nostradamus later wrote his dad escorted the king to the castle ″in his own bedroom, where they talked together for a long time.″ The next day, Michel predicted the future to the king. He said that the young Henri of Navarre would soon reign… the future Henri IV!

Bluffed, Charles IX appointed him king’s doctor and gave him a nice income. So, once the court left Salon, the city’s spiteful tongues completely changed their behaviour: they only swore by Nostradamus...

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