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While Pasteur treated hens, peasants could rest

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Statue Pasteur's statue in Paris

Oh, look! A statue. Louis Pasteur’s statue! A monument designed by Falguière in 1904, thanks to a national subscription. We can see peasants resting. They were easy in their mind, thanks to this good old Louis and his science!

This one saved their animals from the disease which used to kill them... Because Pasteur created the vaccine against rabies. But not only! Thanks to his perseverance and his hard work, he also cured hens from cholera and cattle against anthrax. Whoa, amazing! Did you know hens caught cholera?

On this quiet square, before the statue, we used to find the water tower of Grenelle artesian well! A well sank by Georges Mulot, The current small neighbouring fountain on Mulot square was the place where he sank this well... So, on the place de Breteuil, until 1903 (before Pasteur’s statue), we had a huge water tower, which was the end of the well.

And before the well and the statue, we found here... Grenelle slaughterhouse, founded in 1810 by emperor Napoleon I, with 4 other ones in Paris. Mulot sank his well in the main courtyard of the slaughterhouse: a place where they later put up the current Mulot fountain, in the neighbouring street...

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