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Who was the Ottoman prince locked in Bourganeuf tower?

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Zizim? Such a funny name for a tower, in the heart of the Limousin! Not so funny, in fact... let's see its history.

Djem, nicknamed Zizim, was the son of Mahomet II, great winner of Constantinople. He was born in 1459.

When his father died, his brother and he started to fight for the throne. Many times supplanted, Djem finally ran away and took refuge in 1480 close to Christians settled in Rhodes.

He was taken prisoner by Pierre d'Aubusson, great master of those knights.

Brought back in France, Djem ended up in the priory of Bourganeuf, where he stayed until 1489.

They built the 6 storeys' tower for the occasion, the tour Zizim. D'Aubusson fitted Turkish baths on the ground floor.

A year later, d'Aubusson handed over his prisoner to pope Innocent VIII, who gave him to the king of France Charles VIII. The poor Djem died in 1495...

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