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Who were fort Liberia's prisoners?

Libéria's prisoners | Balu62 / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Imprisonment Fort Liberia

The legend says in one of the casemate two nobles ladies were locked, in the reign of Louis XIV, stooges with the famous poisoner La Voisin in the famous case l’affaire des Poisons (“Case of Poisons”)… They rot here 40 years!

Case of Poisons? In 1680, we had several poisonings in Paris. Scandal!! A witch hunt began. Noblemen were arrested.

And two mysterious prisoners were led to castle of Salses then to Villefranche (one of them died here). Who were they?

We had La Guidon (or Anne Guesdon) and La Chapelain: “They were in the same room and made their own cook separately” said a period text.

In Villefranche, in order to kill time, they span linen which was sold afterwards in the city…

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