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Who's that Englishman who gave his name to Malbrouck castle?

Marlborough | Skara kommun / CC-BY
Castle Malbrouck castle

Sierck lords, knights of Lorraine, founded the castle between 1419 and 1434, on the foundation of an old fortress. Arnold VI de Sierck raised this brand new fortress made of sandstone and limestone.

4 towers were linked by 12 metres high and 5 metres thick curtains. Façades were 50 metres long, more than 68 metres to the west and to the east!

On the western curtain was raised the lord's dwelling house, and on the northern wall the small castle. The access to the fortress was defended by a drawbridge.

Malbrouck was a defensive stronghold, sure, but we found here a dwelling house with all mod cons! Each tower had latrine, chimneys and windows.

Did you know the castle was named after famous duke of Marlborough, the one of the song "Marlborough Has Left for the War" (Marlborough s'en va-t-en guerre in French)? He lived here in 1705, during the Spanish war of Succession!

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