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Why did Lavoisier turn up in Lassay castle

Lavoisier tower | Chatsam / CC-BY-SA
Castle Lassay castle

Mentioned in the middle of the 12th century as castellum de Laceio, the castle used to be a shelter for inhabitants during the Hundred Years War. Damaged, Lassay was restored in 1386.

But the fight became heavier between the English and the French! Lord of Lassay, Charles de Vendôme, supported the enemies. Bad idea!

The dauphin, future king Charles VII, seized all his goods... his castles, Lassay included. Then he gave it to Jehan des Vaux, Charles de Vendôme's brother-in-law, in 1420!

And the fortress was demolished stone by stone. It remained in ruins until 1457, when Jehan II de Vendôme took possession of his castle. The king allowed him to raise a new building.

During wars of Religion, the 1569 siege was pretty famous, because it was the first one since the reconstruction!

Matignon, governor of Alençon, led about 1 200 soldiers; they besieged the fortress for two days, then a breach was made and the castle was plundered. Peace came back on France's kingdom...

In 1600, the owner was Charlotte du Tillet, Marie of Medici's lady companion; Lauraguais family inherited the fief in 1750.

Count de Lauraguais, Louis-Léon de Brancas, invited the famous French chemist Lavoisier in Lassay, because he was fond of science.

The two friends made porcelain: well, the count was the first one, in France, to produce porcelain! So he settled the famous "Chinese furnace" in one of the tower ...

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