Villandry castle and the dying Plantagenet

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The peace of Colombiers - ©Public domain The peace of Colombiers - ©Public domain
Villandry castle Castle Castle of the Loire Valley Henry II of England Philippe II Augustus

Do you know in July 1189 took place here the ″treaty of Colombiers″? A peace between king of England Henri II Plantagenet, his son Richard Lionheart and king of France Philip Augustus. Philip and Henri, two enemies…

Henri was old and weak, he moped in his castle of Chinon. Philip, great winner, just conquered the city of Tours. Henri took the road to Colombiers. Hard, long, long road… Many times, he had to stop. He arrived completely exhausted in the castle.

Philip saw Henri’s state. He was a king, but he was human above all. So, he took his own coat and wanted to put it on his shoulders. But the old king refused, very dignified. He only said ″he wants to hear what he has to say.″ Henri died few days later, in Chinon... betrayed and abandoned.

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