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Miraculous water and wedding within a year

Céneri's bed | Pradigue / CC-BY-SA
Chapel Pilgrimage Petit-Saint-Ceneri chapel

Miraculous water

From one side of the river Sarthe, we find the Romanesque church of Saint-Céneri.

And when we cross the other side of the bank, surprise! This is a tiny chapel (15th c.) and its miraculous spring…

The legend says the spring sprang after a prayer made by Céneri, because he was very thirsty after a trip! This water used to be very famous, it cured eyes’ diseases.

Hey, it remind us the chapel of Sainte-Radegonde in Chinon...

The tradition says that at this exact place, saint Céneri founded his first oratory: the 15th c. chapel was raised at the same location.

Pious sack and wedding within a year

Inside, you can see a big granite block. What's this? Ceneri's bed!

In the past, young ladies who just get married went in the chapel and laid on the saint’s bed, hoping they’d have children after that...

Hey, did you notice the statue of Céneri? Its completely dot with pins!

Like the wooden statue of saint Guirec, in Perros-Guirec: women just put a needle in the wood. If this needle stayed in the wood, they get married within the year. If it fell… bad luck!

People also used to take powder by scratching the stone on the statue: a powder mixed to water, that sick children drank as a decoction.

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