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The legend of Roussillon ochre quarries

Roussillon | nadia & massimo / CC-BY
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Do you know Roussillon and its ochre quarries? A nice (and gory) legend explains ochre’s apparition, here.

Nostradamus’ son, Jean, wrote about this in his book Vie des plus illustres poètes provençaux...

The troubadour Guilhem de Cabestang was lady Tricline’s lover.

This woman was Raymond de Seilhans’ wife, lord of Roussillon.

We’ve heard it all before: big Raymond was fat, naughty and foul-smelling. The troubadour, for his part, was a handsome guy... Tricline didn’t hesitate.

Until one day Raymond discovered the truth, and killed the poet!

He slashed his chest, took his heart, and brought it back home.

There, he gave it to his cook... who made the diner for the very evening.

During the super, Raymond asked to his wife, mocking:

"- Is it good?"

"- Oh, yes it is! It’s the best meat I’ve ever had."

"- Well, it was your lover’s heart!» laughed Raymond.

And he shown her the chopped head of her Romeo. Gulp. The lady felt faint and said, shivering:

"- Well, it will be my last meal."

And Tricline killed herself with her knife...

Another version says she threw herself into empty space from the castle: that was how the cliffs were blood-spattered and became ochre.

Do you know what? This legend looks like the one of the Eaten Heart, in Coucy castle... a very popular medieval theme. Did you know these stories?

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