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The proudly Breton andouille from Guémené

The andouille | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

After the andouille from Jargeau, here’s the Breton andouille from Guéméné (Morbihan)!

This chitterlings sausage is made with pork’s intestine.

They smoke it with beech wood fire, dry it, then cook it.

You can eat this unequaled charcuterie (″cooked meats″) with mashed potatoes… yum!

The little history

The Breton andouille exists since centuries… people already ate it in the Middle Ages!

At the end of the month of August, the andouille brotherhood gathers in Guéméné and makes a festival.

Don’t miss it, and enjoy a good meal with sausages-purée!

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