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Vicq-Exemplet and the treasures made by the abbot joiner of Saint-Martin

The doors | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church Saint-Martin church in Vicq-Exemplet

The church

The church was raised in the 12th century, a dependency of the famous Déols abbey. It was many times altered, but it kept its nice Romanesque semi-circular portal, with columns top by capitals.

A stunning decoration!

We come here to see the church’s decoration, made by one single man: the abbot Aymon! Hey, let’s begin by the doors: he sculpted them in 1964. He also done the doors for his church of Thévet-Saint-Julien! What a nice work… The abbot chose an oak tree, he cut it and soaked the trunk into the water, in order to harden it. And he gathered wooden planks to make the door and carved the low-relief. What about those ones? Scenes from saint Martin’s life! Look: we have on the top part saint Martin on his horse, sharing his coat with a poor man. Below, the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Below, again, we have two scenes from saint Symphorien’s martyr, his trial and his decapitation in Autun in 179 (because he refused to give up his Christian faith). Come on, let’s go inside, now. Because our abbot also painted the Way of the Cross, sculpted the wooden chandeliers and the fence separating the choir from the nave… He also restored the Romanesque fresco in the vaulted apse! You'll recognize the Christ flanks by his 4 evangelists.

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