Pont-de-Veyle castle and the memory of the pretty Aïssé

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The castle - ©Chabe01 / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Chabe01 / CC-BY-SA
Pont-de-Veyle castle Castle Tragic destiny Miss Aïssé

A castle with bridges

We can visit the castle’s park, today… A nice little stroll, where you’ll discover 8 different bridges, with the quiet river of the Veyle and the lovely façade of the 17th century castle...

Pont-de-Veyle and Aïssé

The name refers to the bridge (pont in French) they raised upon the river Veyle. The first lords were mentioned in the 11th century, then the land fell to the counts of Savoie, until the middle of the 16th century.

And in 1703, Pont-de-Veyle fell to Augustin de Ferriol, councilor in Metz Parliament: his heirs kept the estate about 30 years. Who were the Ferriol? Oh, a family with a famous member… the famous lady Aïssé!

This miss was saved at the age of 4 from a slave market in Constantinople by Augustin’s brother, the marquis d’Argental. Aïssé often wrote about Pont-de-Veyle in her famous letters. Yes! Because her two adoptive brothers, Antoine de Ferriol, nicknamed ″monsieur de Pont-de-Veyle″ and Charles-Augustin de Ferriol, lived here.

Aïssé, with Mme de Ferriol, often sojourned in the castle. Oh, wait! Did you see her? As you follow the path, behind a bush? Here, she saw us! Aïssé is waving at us, in her lovely grey dress, her big dark eyes staring at us…

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